• I´ll be your adviser, mentor, and accountability partner. I´ll be by your side, guiding you step by step. My approach is individual, straightforward and direct. My perspective is holistic.

    And my philosophy? Empathy.

    Pavlína Hanzíková

    Being an Expat is your chance to become the person you have always wanted to be.

    We all have our visions of what we want, what we desire. We "dream" about all those things we´d like to have, things we´d like to do, places we´d like to go to, people we´d like to meet or business opportunities we´d like to be presented with. Deep down inside we all know certain areas in our lives need improvement. We all know certain issues need to be addressed.


    To desire something and dream about is one thing. To go for it, to work for it step by step, to face obstacles and challenges, to hold on and finally reach the desired destination is something completely different. That´s why the majority of people stay in the comfort zone of dreaming because it doesn´t require any work. In their comfort zone, they are just one step from making excuses, blaming the outside circumstances and hating those who reached their desired destination.


    It doesn´t matter if your desired destination is living a happy life, developing wealth and abundance, being more confident, managing time and stress, improving relationships, creating balance, becoming more self-aware or independent, finding the right partner or becoming a millionaire.


    Whatever it is you´re trying to achieve, getting there will require some guidance, support, tools, and resources.



    Living or staying abroad gives you a fantastic opportunity for self-reflection and self-development. You can look at yourself from a distance without being distracted by your local, familiar environment.



    Sick and tired of your "comfort zone"? Eager to take some action instead?

    Perfect! Go ahead and check out our offer bellow.


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