• Each Life Coaching session provides an eye-opening, mind-shifting dialogue. This conversation stimulates and challenges your thinking process. Your thinking process expands and opens up. You start seeing things you haven´t noticed before. You start seeing a pattern in your thought process, behavior, beliefs, and especially limiting beliefs. The more aware and open-minded you become, the easier it is for you to take action and reach your desired destination.


    The list of areas where Life Coaching plays a crucial role for improvement and solution is long, but the most common areas are:








    For you as an Expat, Life Coaching will open new options. It will assist you to find your WHY you´re here and the endless possibilities for your personal and professional growth.




    Benefits of Individual Coaching sessions in Person:


    Instant rapport and feedback


    Energy shift

    Direct Interaction


    Individual Coaching Sessions Face-to-Face and by Phone/Skype are facilitated by Pavlína Hanzíková BA(Hons), Certified Master Life Coach, Certified NLP Master Practitioner

    Booking Price: 1700 CZK

    Format: Individual Coaching Session Face-to-Face

    Place: Palackého 7, Praha 1 (meeting room)

    Date: You´ll receive instructions for booking a date.

    Session time: 60 mins



    Booking Price: 97 USD

    Format: Individual Coaching sessions online for clients from all over the world.

    Skype, Zoom

    Session Time: 60 mins

    You´ll receive instructions for how to choose a date/payment option after booking a session.



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