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    I work with foreign professionals living in Prague, so they make the most of their stay here.




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    As a foreigner in Prague, you need the right guidance, support, and tools to use all opportunities that living abroad offers.

    SmartCharla Tutoring and Coaching provides holistic services that present solutions to the main challenges foreigners in Prague face:


    1.Lack of guidance, support, and motivation to explore their full potential while living abroad.


    2. Lack of cross-cultural awareness.


    3. Lack of knowledge of the Czech language and the local way of thinking.









    Only a constant desire to move forward helps you unlock all your potential.


    Only setting new goals and welcoming new challenges help you live fully and grow.


    Living abroad gives you an excellent opportunity for self-reflection.


    The way we speak is directly influenced by the way we think. Understanding these dynamics will help you avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and incorrect assumptions.


    It will also help you become a clear communicator in the cross-cultural environment.

    Learning a foreign language brings a whole new perspective to seeing and understanding the diversity of the world.

  • Testimonials

    Junko H. (Japan)

    After I moved to Prague, I tried to study Czech in some ways - at a few language schools with an expensive tuition fee, at support centers for foreigners, and through a language exchange. But I had doubts about their effectiveness, so I started looking for a private teacher and found Pavlina and her services that represent everything I looked for.


    Pavlina is not only an excellent Czech teacher but also a talented person who guides you how to communicate in the cross-cultural environment. She is a very smart, friendly, attractive, and positive person. I recommend her for all the services she provides - Czech Tutoring, Communication Skills Consulting and Life Coaching.



    Emilia W. (Germany)

    I had closed a stressful chapter of my life before I came to Prague. It felt better to be in a new environment. Exploring the new city, meeting new people at work or at social events were exciting, but deep inside I knew I wanted more from my new life in Prague. I wasn´t quite sure where to start. Then I came across Pavlina´s Life Coaching offer on her website. I booked a session with her right away, and it was one of the best decisions. Pavlina´s open approach "revamped" my thought process in so many ways. I look at the world differently now and understand how much I´m the creator of all the unnecessary stress I have to deal with. Pavlina, thank you for the transformation and all your knowledge.

    Steve R. (France)

    Pavlina is a motivating teacher. She adapts quickly to your needs and makes every lesson a breath of fresh air from your busy days.

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