• Welcome and let me give you a bit of guidance so your new life abroad will be smooth, enjoyable, and flexible from the very beginning.


    Orientation Coaching Package

    Includes consulting, advising, and training

    Session 1 - Different Culture ( Cross-cultural awareness, "Cultural shock")


    Session 2 - How to Make the Most of What the new City/Country offers


    Session 3 - Job, Career and other Opportunities


    plus 3 emails where you can ask any additional questions




    Format: Individual Coaching Sessions Face-to-Face

    Place: Palackého 7, Praha 1 (meeting room)

    Date: You´ll receive instructions for choosing a time and date after booking this package.

    Payment: Invoice, PayPal. You´ll receive instructions after booking this package.

    Session time: 60 mins

    Number of Sessions: 3

    Number of Emails: 3

    Price:4900 CZK

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