• Being an Expat is your chance to become the person you have always wanted to be.

    Email Coaching provides a flexible, easy to use and highly accessible alternative to coaching in person or via phone/Skype.

    Each Life Coaching session provides an eye-opening, mind-shifting dialogue. This conversation stimulates and challenges your thinking process. Your thinking process expands and opens up. You start seeing things you haven´t noticed before. You start seeing a pattern in your thought process, behavior, beliefs, and especially limiting beliefs. The more aware and open-minded you become, the easier it is for you to take action and reach your desired destination.


    In person/Phone or Skype Coaching does not have to be for everyone. For various reasons. Some people (consciously or unconsciously) make things "lighter" when they talk about them, and it´s harder to get to the core of their problems. Some people are introverted, shy or reserved. And others simply prefer the written word. They can take their time to open up their soul completely, to choose the right words to describe their situation precisely.


    Our Email Coaching offer comes in two forms:

    Single Email: your question (whatever topic) - one Life Coaching feedback.


    30-day Email Package: a daily email from you - a daily Life Coaching feedback. It´s like having a Life Coach by your side for a month.


    Email Coaching is flexible and easy. You write me an email, describe your situation, list your overall topic, and ask your question.


    We either work further on one topic, or we will explore more topics.




    The list of areas where Life Coaching plays a crucial role for improvement and solution is long, but the most common areas are:









    For you as an Expat, Life Coaching will open new options. It will assist you to find your WHY you´re here and the endless possibilities for your personal and professional growth.



    Benefits of Email Coaching:

    It is easier to write about things you wouldn´t be able to say.


    Each written feedback you get from a Life Coach provides a manual/tool you can study/think about and use for a future reference.


    In this busy, fast and hectic world, each written feedback delivered to your mailbox represents "it is about me growing each day and staying on the right track time" wherever you are.


    No hassle to schedule meetings and to travel to meetings.


    Relaxed, flexible, stress-free.


    Individual Coaching Sessions Face-to-Face and by Phone/Skype are facilitated by Pavlína Hanzíková BA(Hons), Certified Master Life Coach, Certified NLP Master Practitioner

    Booking Price: 500 CZK


    One Email from you. You ask your question, describe your situation, list your topic.

    You´ll receive a customized Life Coaching feedback from me with analysis, recommendations, tips, and tools.



    Booking Price: 10900 CZK


    You will send your daily email for 30 days. In each of your emails, you ask your question, describe your situation, list your topic.

    You´ll receive a customized Life Coaching feedback for each of your 30 emails from me with analysis, recommendations, tips, and tools.



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