• Individual Czech Courses via Skype/Zoom

    Learning is a continuous process.

    Your motivation should be your curiosity to explore the new language. That´s why our offer includes Reading Club and Just Talk to give you a unique opportunity to explore culture, literature, a way of living and much more. Learning a foreign language is not only grammar, but it´s also an understanding of how each culture views the world. This view is reflected in the use of the tongue, in the way how people express themselves.


    Your goal should be a gradual improvement of your knowledge. Don´t hold yourself back by expecting an "instant fluency and understanding." These unrealistic expectations usually lead to giving up. And that would be a pity.





    General Czech

    Individual Czech Course on Skype

    For Individuals

    One main coursebook

    Variety of other materials




    Practical explanation of grammar

    Focus on pronunciation and everyday use of the language

    Intensity: 2x45 min/2x60 min a week

    Minimum Commitment: 1 month

    General Czech

    Price: 600 CZK/45 min (workdays)

               750 CZk/60 min

    Czech for Specific Purposes

    Individual Czech Course on Skype

    Suitable only for Intermediate-Advanced Level!

    For Individuals

    Simplified Czech Reading Books

    Bilingual Czech Reading Books

    Czech Books

    Czech Magazines and Newspapers

    Weekly Reading Assignments


    Business Czech

    Various Topics for Conversation

    Culture, Leisure, Politics, LifeStyle, Czech Affairs, World Affairs, etc.(whatever you wish) :)

    Focus on Pronunciation and Fluency of your speech

    Only Czech - No use of other languages during the session

    Questions/Answers Exercises


    Intensity: 2x 60 min a week

    Minimum Commitment: 1 month

    Czech For Specific Purposes

    Price: 800 CZK/60 min (workdays)


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