• We are in constant communication with others, with ourselves, and with the whole world.


    Our verbal and non-verbal interaction either builds walls or breaks walls.

    How we think is reflected in the way we communicate.

    Our unique personality and our thinking process are reflected in the way we express ourselves.

    It is not easy to show what you mean. It is not easy to put your feelings, emotions, experience, and insight into words.

    Unnecessary misunderstandings, false assumptions, and incorrect conclusions may arise. It is not easy in your local environment. It becomes even more complicated in the multicultural environment. You may lose friends, attractive opportunities, exciting experiences, business deals or business partners. These things can happen because you are not aware of cultural differences reflected in our communication.


    SmartCharla Tutoring and Coaching offers a solution for how to improve your communication skills no matter the environment.


    Interested in taking the way you communicate to the next level?

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