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    SmartCharla Tutoring and Coaching, launched in 2013 by Pavlína Hanzíková BA(Hons), was created to provide a solution for the main challenges expatriate professionals in Prague face:


    1. Lack of knowledge of the Czech language.

    2. Lack of understanding of the local way of thinking and cross-cultural awareness.

    3. Lack of tools, skills, guidance, and support that would motivate them to make.
    the most of their stay here and grow personally and professionally.


    SmartCharla Tutoring and Coaching uses a simple philosophy that is a foundation for any progress and development.


    1. Holistic perspective

    2. Individual approach

    3. Open mind



  • Founder

    Pavlína Hanzíková BA(Hons), Certified Master Life Coach, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Business Success Coach

    I´m a frequent traveler. I´m a world citizen. I´m a diversity enthusiast. A big map of the world hangs on the wall above my desk. Planes and trains always excite me. It´s the anticipation of experiencing something new, something different. It´s the exposure to something new, something different, that helps us grow.


    Working as a corporate language educator, trainer, and consultant in multicultural companies gave me a unique opportunity to work with locals as well as foreigners from different professional backgrounds.


    Providing Life Coaching services and Communication Skills consultations to people from all over the world has been the most enjoyable and satisfying experience where I can fully use my natural skills: empathy, versatility, and adaptability apart from my academic expertise.


    I enjoy being with people from different countries in my personal as well as professional life.



    I always come up with new ideas when I travel or stay abroad.

    I always learn something new about myself when I observe how people in other countries live and think.

    I always expand my cultural awareness when I interact with people from other countries.


    I realized that if there were someone or something that could guide me and provide the right support when traveling, staying or living abroad, I could come up with more great ideas, learn more about myself and expand my cultural awareness a bit deeper.


    So the idea of creating a holistic service for foreigners living in Prague was born when I was on a plane coming back from one of my trips.


    I decided to combine my expertise (and passion) and found SmartCharla Tutoring and Coaching where foreigners in Prague could get the right support, guidance, tools, and resources "under one roof" and set out on an exciting journey to:


    explore their potential

    expand their cultural knowledge

    make the most of their exposure to the cross-cultural environment



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    I look forward to meeting you and working with you!



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