Individual Czech Courses on Skype and Coaching Packages for expats in Cz

As an expat, (newcomer or resident), you need the right guidance, support, tools to use all opportunities that living abroad offers.

That´s why I provide holistic services that present solutions to the main 2 challenges foreigners in Prague face:

1. Lack of direction, clarity, and motivation to explore their full potential while living abroad.

2. Lack of knowledge of the Czech language.

I launched SmartCharla Tutoring and Coaching and decided to follow my "solopreneur" passion in 2013. All services offered on this site are provided by me because I like to have a personal relationship with all the people I work with.

I´m a frequent traveler. I´m a world citizen. I´m a diversity enthusiast. A big map of the world hangs on the wall above my desk. Planes and trains always excite me. It´s the anticipation of experiencing something new, something different. It´s the exposure to something new, something different, that helps us grow.

Working as a corporate language educator, trainer, and consultant in multicultural companies gave me a unique opportunity to work with locals as well as foreigners from different professional backgrounds.

Providing Life Coaching services and Communication Skills consultations to people from all over the world has been the most enjoyable and satisfying experience where I can fully use my natural skills: empathy, versatility, and adaptability apart from my academic expertise, knowledge, and a wide range of resources.

I have been an ardent reader since a very young age. Observing, analazying, looking for patterns, parallels, and connections have always come natural to me.

I enjoy being with people from different countries in my personal as well as professional life.


I always come up with new ideas when I travel or stay abroad.

I always learn something new about myself when I observe how people in other countries live and think.

I always expand my cultural awareness when I interact with people from other countries.

I realized that if there were someone or something that could guide me and provide the right support when traveling, staying or living abroad, I could come up with more great ideas, learn more about myself and expand my cultural awareness a bit deeper.

So the idea of creating a holistic service for foreigners living in Prague was born when I was on a plane coming back from one of my trips.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you!

How to contact me

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What makes my individual czech course on skype unique?

  • It is online. You are in your environment and I am in mine. So there is no stress of commuting, booking meeting rooms etc. so both of us can feel relaxed.

  • I use variety of materials and books. Listening excercises included.

  • I don´t only "teach" but also explain the mysteries of the Czech grammar in a practical and trasparent way.

My Course is for you if:

  • You´re curious and like to learn.

  • You´re self-disciplined and independent.

  • Learning Czech is your priority so you´re ready to commit to a regular attendance.

  • You understand that learning a foreign language is a continous process.

  • You like technology and feel comfortable during video calls.


One main coursebook

Variety of other materials




Practical explanation of grammar

Focus on pronunciation and everyday use of the language

Intensity: 2x60 min a week


What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a collection of tools, methods, and techniques to help you:

  • cultivate a growth mindset so your mind can become your ally and not your enemy

  • become self-confident so you can react "creatively and flexibly" to all challenges you might encounter

  • be more self-aware so you can be more in touch with who you are and where you head in life

  • fix your thought process so you can be more in control of your life

  • get rid of limiting beliefs and conditioning that sabotage your goals and plans

  • create a general sense of wellbeing and hapiness

Themed Coaching Packages - Current Offer

Direction Coaching Package is for you if:

  • you feel there´s more potential in you and there´s more you´d like to be and achieve.

  • you have a project, plan, goal and don´t know how to get started.

  • you like self-improvement and regularly invest in yourself and your growth.


Session 1 Where Am I? (Professionally, Personally...)

Session 2 Where Do I Want to Be?

Session 3 How to Get Where I Want To Be

Customized Action Plan Manual (pdf)

All sessions will take place on Skype/Zoom. Each session is 60 minutes long. You will receive your Customized Action Plan Manual (pdf) after the third session.


Click on the icon below to schedule a free 30-min Discovery Call with me so we can discuss Individual Czech Course on Skype, Direction Coaching Package and/or your needs and how I can help you!