• How to Become a Transparent Communicator

    Format: Individual Consultation or Workshop


    What you´ll find out:

    what type of a communicator you are

    if you talk to or talk at people

    if your message is understood the way you intended

    how your thinking process influences the way you express yourself

    if your cross-cultural awareness increases or decreases the quality of your communication

    if your words are aligned with the way you feel, think, and behave


    You´ll also learn:

    how to be a "positive" communicator

    how to "include" people

    how to win people´s hearts and mind no matter where they or (you) come from

    how to create a warm atmosphere even with a limited knowledge of a particular language

    how to make any conversation open and welcoming so everyone feels safe enough to express themselves freely

    how to break walls and barriers preventing you from being an open and natural communicator

    How to add to any conversation rather than take away from it.

    And more.


    Consultation time: 3 hours

    For individuals, companies, corporate environment, business owners, startups, freelancers

    Facilitated by:

    Pavlína Hanzíková B.A.(Hons), Founder of SmartCharla Tutoring and Coaching



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