• How Do Czechs think?

    Format: Individual Consultation

    This cross-cultural awareness consulting session presents a unique opportunity for expatriate professionals to understand better the culture they are new to. Being aware of cultural differences helps you maintain stronger connections with people. Adapting and improving your communication skills in the cross-cultural environment is fundamental for any business or personal development.


    You will be introduced to the Czech way of thinking, living and expressing opinions and ideas.


    You will learn how the historical, environmental, and cultural factors have formed and influenced the Czech mind.


    I will present tips and recommendations for how to communicate most effectively with your Czech business partners, colleagues, and employees.


    You can ask any questions during our Q/A session.


    Session time: 60 mins


    Note: If you´d like your session to be longer or if you´d like to purchase more sessions, just indicate the desired number of meetings in your cart.


    For individuals, companies, corporate environment, business owners, startups, freelancers


    Facilitated by:

    Pavlína Hanzíková B.A.(Hons), Founder of SmartCharla Tutoring and Coaching




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